1999 filly, sired by Majson out of Molde. Missy has 6 months' professional training in Western. She is performing sliding stops, rollbacks, and spins. She has also started driving in harness with a cart. She has been shown in halter at the International Fjord Show where she took a second place and was also a member of the winning, very prestigious, Get of Sire class.  Missy stands approximately 13 hands tall.  She is truly a little horse with a HUGE heart, perfect for a dedicated youngster or smaller adult who would like to be competitive in the show ring. She would also be happy to be someone's companion and BEST FRIEND!

2003 filly sired by Johan and out of AFI Celestial.
Johan was evaluated in 2003 and received a Blue in Conformation.  His scored included +++ for his eye, +++ for length of stride, and 8.5 for Type.  His gray son, Quadmaan, owned by Rune and Catherine Lassesen of Hestehaven, received a Blue in Conformation as a weanling.  Jolara is just a feminine version of Quadmaan.  She has an awesome head, huge eyes, dished face and tiny muzzle.  Since she is carrying the gray gene she may also produce gray offspring.  She will make a nice addition to someone's show string or broodmare band. Truly a breathtaking individual!

1997 filly sired by Majson and out of Molde.  Mijanna has 5 month's professional training in Western and is also performing sliding stops, rollbacks and spins.
Mijanna has the cutest "baby doll" head. Mijanna is a real "talker." After she has performed something well and she is told, "Good girl," she nickers back as if to say, "Oh thank you!" Mijanna is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled. Missy and Mijanna are full sisters. Their sire, Majson, has been evaluated and received the highest red (79) in Conformation as well as a Blue Silver Medallion for Introductory Western and a Red Gold Medallion for Advanced Western. These girls are the last two foals out of our King Harold granddaughter, Molde, who is now 28 years young and still going like the energizer bunny. Missy and Mijanna are half sisters to our gray stallion, Johan, so they both carry the gray gene and may very well produce gray offspring.

FOD Diamond Dust

2001 filly sired by Woodland's Dustin and out of AFI Celestial. 
DD is ultra feminine and elegant. She is of lighter bone structure and stands approximately 14 hands.  Her sire, "Dusty", is the top Western Fjord in the world and needs no introduction. DD has absolutely gorgeous movement which she inherited from her sire.  DD's dam, Celestial is sired by Solar (now deceased) who was a prominent sire on the East Coast for many years. Celestial's dam was imported from Holland. We have seldom offered Dusty daughters for sale This is a rare opportunity for someone to possess one of his direct daughters to take to the winner's circle or add to their broodmare band.

If you are interested in any of these horses, please E-mail us and we will be more than happy to help you or give you more information!  

Training horses is my full-time occupation. I would be happy to offer training services at a reduced rate for any of our young stock if you do not currently have a trainer or do not feel that you have the expertise to do it yourself.

We also offer breeding services for outside mares. If you are interested in our training or breeding services, please E-Mail us for more information. Thanks!

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